Hard Plastic Cases For Iphone

cases come with an inner lining/padding of silicone or fabric to maximize protection. Polycarbonate cases are lightweight, sturdy and highly durable compared to plastic cases made of acrylic. In fact tough iPhone cases made of polycarbonate are often 1/3rd the weight of similar cases made of acrylic and yet do not break easily like acrylic.

Agent18 ClearShield Hard Shell iPod Touch Case is made of clear polycarbonate

Polycarbonate lends itself to creation of clear plastic cases of sufficient transparency. They are colored easily. Customized iPod Touch and iPhone cases sold by Case-mate are made of special type of polycarbonate material called Lexan. If you happen to encounter hard plastic cases with wide range of infectious colors, attractive gloss with clear transparency, those are mostly made of polycarbonate or acrylic.

Disadvantages of Hard Plastic Polycarbonate and Acrylic Cases –

  1. Polycarbonate tend to degrade and change to yellowish color when exposed to UV light like the ones in sunlight. Additives are used to prevent this or UV-protective coating needs to be applied to prevent this. Polycarbonate is costlier and if you are one of those who love clear transparent cases, be aware that acrylic can transmit more light than polycarbonate and carry more transparency and they are not prone to color change and degradation in UV light , e.g., when exposed to sunlight.
  2. Polycarbonate cases scratch easily on their outer surface. In fact polycarbonate cases tend to scratch more than the cases made of other plastic materials like acrylic and tpu. Silicone cases do well to prevent scratches too compared to polycarbonate.  Hence a hard silicone coating or other types of suitable scratch resistant coating needs to be applied to minimize scratches on polycarbonate cases.

    Otterbox Defender Polycarbonate Case for iPhone 4 with outer Silicone skin

  3. Most hard plastic cases, like those made of polycarbonate, tend to scratch the encased device easily on the back and the sides of iPhone and iPod Touch, specially when dust accumulates inside. Many polycarbonate cases come with silicone/fabric or leather inner padding to prevent them from scratching the device and also to minimize force of impact during drops or hits.
  4. Polycarbonate cases tend to not that “grippy” unlike silicone or tpu ones.  Smooth glossy finish can mean device itself is slippery like the bare iPod touch or iPhone. Some Polycarbonate cases come up with a TPU or silicone outer layer to provide better grip. Others sport a matte finish to provide better grip.
  5. Hard plastic cases made of polycarbonate and acrylic can be harder to install. Many of them feature two piece snap-in clip design to ease installation. Poorly designed cases can make this snap-in mechanism to get loose over time and the two plastic pieces that make the complete case can separate during drops making the device to pop out of the case during drops or free falls.
  6. Hard plastic cases like the ones made from polycarbonate tend to acquire grease, sweat, fingerprints on their surface. Avoid using regular cleaning agents and employ alcohol to cleanse the case of dirt, oil and grease.

Good quality polycarbonate cases come with appealing colors; suitable additives or coatings applied to overcome problems of scratches and degradation. These lightweight and durable cases are quite popular and if you need a clear transparent case that does not hide the shades and curves of your iPod Touch or iPhone displaying the coveted Apple logo on the back, hard plastic iPod Touch and iPhone cases made of polycarbonate or acrylic can be your best choice.