Are You Still Poisoning Your Body?

Are you still poisoning your body? That’s no way to live longer…

Many people are constantly adding less than healthy substances to their bodies – some deliberately, and some unknowingly – but through ignorance, in every case.

How about you?  NHS Heroes Doctors See if you find yourself in any of the categories listed here.

1)  Those who deliberately take harmful substances. These include tobacco, excessive amounts of alcohol,  unnecessary pharmaceutical products or illegal drugs,  junk food…. If you are participating in any of these actions, there is no doubt that you are also creating a negative impact on your longevity – regardless of the reason.

The saddest thing, is  knowing that some of these actions – like smoking, cause damage to your system that can never be fully reversed, and which you will have to live with forever. As such, every cigarette reduces your chances of ever having a quality life when you grow older.

2)  The second group of people consumes foods that contain harmful substances - sometimes unknowingly. Often it’s because they don’t know how to read food labels, sometimes, because despite the tremendous amount of information available to us today, they choose to ignore it.  They shop for foods full of chemicals and hormone supplements, as well as vegetables that are genetically engineered, or poisoned with insecticides.

In reality, your system can only handle so much in terms of toxins. In most cases, your liver has to do the dirty cleanup work, followed by the kidneys and, even the skin, as some unwanted substances are excreted along with sweat through the skin’s pores.

The bottom line is this:  Our bodies already have to cope with a lot of pollution and allergens, and any other toxins simply add to the load. Eventually, your system gets to a point where it simply cannot get rid of everything any more, and starts collecting toxins. 

If this continues, it creates the type of strain on your organs that leads to premature organ failure. Once the toxins reach a certain level, they will start affecting the functioning of your body in general and cut the overall quality of your life, and often, the length of it.

The only way to stop poisoning your system is to educate yourself. The information is readily available in books, on-line, through multiple websites and from your medical practitioners.

Become aware of the damages to your body, and avoid what it cannot tolerate.  When it comes to your health, Ignorance has a very high price tag.

When all is said and done, allowing undesirable toxins to enter your body is largely a matter of attitude.  Even if you are still consuming toxins due to ignorance, a simple change in attitude – from “ah, well” to “let me find out more” can save or lengthen your chances of survival.